About Us

Strategica specialises in developing and integrating digital technologies in all types of organisations. Our key aim is to improve productivity through innovation. Our work is informed by our client’s vision, objectives and performance targets. We can help businesses to streamline their workflow, reduce inefficiencies, and embed AI to give them a competitive advantage. Innovative technology is constantly challenging our business cultures. Our specialist team includes partners, project managers, management consultants, developers and business analysts. We can develop new products and services with our in-house team, or we can enable and empower digital transformation by supporting external teams.

Strategy & Consulting

For digital experiences to truly transform brands they must connect business goals, data-driven human insight and future-focussed foresight. Our strategists work with brands to define and deliver integrated visionary thinking that results in tangible business impact.

Data & Artificial Intelligence

Our data insights team combines forensic analysis with Machine Learning tools to help brands make the smartest decisions based on the most robust information.

Creativity & Experience Design

Whether forming new brands, remarkable brand stories or effortless user experiences, our creative experts produce visionary ideas that delight customers and exceed targets.

Engineering & Technology

Robust engineering is essential for your business-critical digital estate. Our engineers develop transformative products by working to the highest coding standards on the leading web platforms.

Integrated Marketing

Our integrated marketing team creates the most effective, integrated campaigns across all digital platforms. Data-driven thinking maximises cut-through at every touch point.


Today’s rate of technological change is forcing businesses to evolve fast. Our dedicated innovators help brands deploy smarter, more impactful experiences faster than their competition.

Private Equity Services

Our integrated approach helps you accurately assess business value and identify upside potential by combining robust Digital Due Diligence and technology assessments with full-circle digital transformation services.

Product Development